Hot Knife

Designed with the user in mind the AZ Formen Hot Knife (sometimes called foam cutters or hot wire cutters) provide years of dependable service.  We stock two of their models;

    AZ TC 20 Hot Knife Foam Cutter, Hot Wire Cutterzts24 hot knife thermocutter + gg2 base unit

  • The AZ TC20 Hot Knife is a 150W, light-weight, semi-professional hand tool weighing only 300g and designed for light cutting production;
  • the AZ ZTS24 Hot Knife (250W or 400W) is the professionals choice for continuous operation. It comes complete with base unit GG2 (not required for the AZ TC20) and is available in 230V and 110V.

What is a hot knife used for?

Hot knife cutters are used for trimming, cutting and edge-sealing plastic, fabrics, polystyrene, rubber, tyres, rope, plexiglass, foam (including styrofoam) and other materials using the heat of the blade to seal as it cuts. It’s therefore ideal for cutting reinforced materials to help stop them from fraying.

There are dozens of applications that require a hot knife or foam cutter to cut and trim the material, many of them where expanded polystyrene is in use and needs to be cut and shaped before fitting.

Hot wire cutters are also used in the vehicle industry for upholstering as well as for cutting webbing and finishing along with cutting of vehicle trim.  Bonded car windscreens are also removed with the use of hot knives.

Construction sites also have a use for a high quality hot knife in order to process insulation material, substantially reducing the amount of hazardous fine dust.

There are a range of blades available to suit different jobs and shapes of cut (e.g. cutting webbing, deburring of injection moulded parts, ribbon and fibre optic terminations, trimming and radius cutting, low temperature thermoplastics, foam, gasket material and adhesives to name a few)

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