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Plastic Welding & Plastic Fabrication

Leister plastic welding and fabrication equipment is used for the joining of thermoplastic materials (plastics that can be welded) using hot air/gas to effect the welding process. There are a wide variety of plastic materials that can be welded using the hot air process including HDPE, PP, PVC, ABS to name a few, and surprisingly many different types of structures can be fabricated using plastic.

There are two main categories of equipment used during the plastic welding process, either hand tools or a hand extruder. Generally a hand tool is used for materials that are between 3-7mm thick, but can be used to join thicker materials if multiple runs are made with the plastic welding rod. However for a more professional and quicker production process, once the thickness of material reaches 7-10mm it is more efficient to use a hand extruder.

The LEISTER range of hand tools and hand extruder for plastic welding are categorised below:

  1. Plastic Welding Hand Tools
    Plastic Welding Hand Tools

    A hand tool is essential for welding plastic materials upto 10mm thick or tacking structures of thicker material together prior to welding with an extruder. 
    Browse the full range and buy hand tools online here.    

  2. Plastic Welding Extruders
    Plastic Welding Extruders

    For thicker materials over 10mm thick a hand extruder becomes the desired tool for efficiency and professional finish. Our LEISTER technicians are here to help you select the best option for your application. 

  3. Plastic Welding Kits
    Plastic Welding Kits

    For a straight 'Out of the Box' solution for general plastic welding and repair we have a selection of pre-configured plastic welding kits available to Buy Online

  4. Plastic Welding Accessories & Spares
    Plastic Welding Accessories & Spares

    Welwyn Tool Group stocks a wide range of accessories and spares for all of your plastic welding and plastic fabricaton needs. Our range includes nozzles, replacement heating elements, mica sleeves, adapters, wire cleaning brushes and a lot more.

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