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Industrial Process Air Heaters

  1. Standard Air Heaters
    Standard Air Heaters

    The LHS heater family covers an impressive power range from 550W to 32kW. The ranges diversity makes it ideal for practically all hot-air applications. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, the LHS range offers three model types; CLASSIC, PREMIUM and SYSTEM.

  2. High Temperature Air Heaters
    High Temperature Air Heaters

    High temperature heaters are suitable for temperatures up to 900ºC.  These heaters have no integrated power electronics, however the air temperature can be steplessly controlled by adding a Leister 3-phase controller (DSE).  In addition to a DSE, the aire temperature can be precisely regulated with a Leister KSR Digital controller.

  3. Double Flange Air Heaters
    Double Flange Air Heaters

    The latest generation of double flange air heaters now includes specially designed heaters that can be used in hot-air recirculation mode, as well as clean-air models suitable for industries with stringent requirementsa for 'clean' environments such as: food, beverage, medical, pharmaceutical etc.

  4. Mini Air Heaters
    Mini Air Heaters

    The worlds smallest air heater with an integrated temperature probe. Simple to incorporate into the tightest of spaces.  LE MINI operates with compressed air at 200kPa. Model versions are available with or without an integrated sensor.

  5. Recirculation Air Heaters
    Recirculation Air Heaters

    The latest generation of single and double flanged recirculation air heaters specifically designed to be used in hot-air recirculation production environments. Depending on air inlet and outlet temperature a massive amount of energy can be saved by "recycling" hot air. Up to 350ºC inlet temperatures can tolerated.

  6. Single Flange Air Heaters
    Single Flange Air Heaters

    Available in both 120V and 230V options, the new LHS 210 SF single flanged air heaters come with overheat detection with alarm for both the heater and heating element.


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