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Up to 3.6kg/hr Output GM


2 Items

  1. Leister FUSION 3C 3-4mm for Plastic Welding 123.866 PW
    Leister FUSION 3C 230v 3-4mm/4-5mm Options for Geomembrane/Civil Engineering

    With it's 'Plug-in and Weld' capability the no nonsense FUSION 3C welds at speeds of up to 3.6kg/h.

  2. Leister FUSION 3 230V 3-4mm for Plastic Welding & Fabrication 118.300 PW
    Leister FUSION 3 230V 3-4mm/4-5mm for Geomembrane/Civil Engineering

    The FUSION 3 geomembrane extruder is ideal for working on civil engineering sites and construction projects where materials are on the ground, saving the operator having to bend down to weld.