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  1. Leister WELDPLAST S2 230v for Geomembrane 127.215 GM (main)
    Leister WELDPLAST S2 230V for Geomembrane

    For patch welding and joining membranes that are temperature sensitive; the WELDPLAST S2 enables independent heat and blower control to get the exact settings you uneed.

  2. Leister WELDPLAST S2 TPO 136.602 for Geomembrane (main)
    Leister WELDPLAST S2 TPO 230v for Geomembrane

    The Leister WELDPLAST S2 TPO 230v is a truly fantastic hand extruder that will enable you to weld plastic materials of all types, particularly HDPE and PP and can even weld TPO materials without difficulty.

  3. Leister WELDPLAST S6 230v 32A Geomembrane
    Leister WELDPLAST S6 230v 32A Geomembrane

    With a high output of up to 6 kg/h the WELDPLAST S6 is a surprisingly manoeuvrable hand extruder for the harshest of on-site environments.

  4. Leister FUSION 3C 3-4mm for Plastic Welding 123.866 PW
    Leister FUSION 3C 230v 3-4mm/4-5mm Options for Geomembrane/Civil Engineering

    With it's 'Plug-in and Weld' capability the no nonsense FUSION 3C welds at speeds of up to 3.6kg/h.

  5. Leister FUSION 3 230V 3-4mm for Plastic Welding & Fabrication 118.300 PW
    Leister FUSION 3 230V 3-4mm/4-5mm for Geomembrane/Civil Engineering

    The FUSION 3 geomembrane extruder is ideal for working on civil engineering sites and construction projects where materials are on the ground, saving the operator having to bend down to weld.

  6. Leister WELDPLAST S4 230V 3-4mm/4-5mm for Geomembrane
    Leister WELDPLAST S4 230V 3-4mm/4-5mm for Geomembrane

    With a variety of different welding shoe options (including K15 / blank / shaped) the WELDPLAST S4 is a heavy duty extruder with a 4kg/hour output. Call us for a specific configuration to suit.  

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