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Standard Air Heaters


    The tiny LHS 15 air heaters provide hot air up to 650ºC, and come with long-life heating elements, reliable protection systems and standard interfaces.

  2. LHS 21S / 21L Air Heaters (CLASSIC/PREMIUM/SYSTEM)
    LHS 21S / 21L Air Heaters (CLASSIC/PREMIUM/SYSTEM)

    These advanced air heaters are small and lean (only 67mm wide), with a long service life. They're designed for professional integration into machine systems for applications like sterilizing, drying, welding, cleaning, shrinking, shaping, deburring and activating.

  3. LHS 41S / 41L Air Heaters (CLASSIC/PREMIUM/SYSTEM)
    LHS 41S / 41L Air Heaters (CLASSIC/PREMIUM/SYSTEM)

    The medium size LHS 41 series air heaters cover an extremely wide application range. The small footprint enables easy integration into machines. The heater tube diameter of 50 mm allows passing sufficient air flow, also for high performance applications.

  4. LHS 61S / 61L Air Heaters (CLASSIC/PREMIUM/SYSTEM)
    LHS 61S / 61L Air Heaters (CLASSIC/PREMIUM/SYSTEM)

    The LHS 61 series is your choice for high performance applications. The outlet diameter of 62mm for LHS 61S and 92mm for LHS 61L versions allow high air flows with up to 16kW heating power.

  5. LHS 91 Air Heaters (BASIC/SYSTEM)
    LHS 91 Air Heaters (BASIC/SYSTEM)

    With power of up to 40kW the LHS 91 is the tool for even the most demanding of heating applications. With this performance it's even capable of replacing many gas-fired heaters.

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