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Plastic Welding Extruders

The LEISTER range of plastic welding hand extruders are an artform of their own. With a full and comprehensive range of options for the professional full time fabricator, or for ocassional repair usage, LEISTER has an extruder that will suit your application and budget. Key considerations include whether you require a straight forward 'Plug & Go' tool best suited for repair type work of materials of 5mm+ thickness, or whether a more concise control of heat and speed of a digital extruder is required. Output options  (ie speed of welding) are also an important consideration as this denotes overall speed of the production process, as well as the level of detail required for the weld. The full range of extruders available are listed here, and should you need further advice one of our LEISTER technicians will be only too happy to help.  


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